Road Improvements

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More than an estimated billion dollars will be spent on transportation infrastructure improvement in 加尔维斯顿 County over the next decade. This investment will better connect 加尔维斯顿 County to the greater Houston Region.

There will be major improvements to the two main arteries running through the county: I-45 the Gulf Freeway and SH146.

I-45 the Gulf Freeway: NASA 1 to FM1764

I-45This project will expand I-45 from just 6 lanes to 8 lines between NASA 1 in southern Harris County and FM1764 in 得克萨斯城.

Construction will be done in three phases

  • Section FM518 to FM517 – Letting Date: Oct. 2016
  • Section NASA 1 to FM518 – Letting Date: Apr. 2017
  • Section FM517 to FM1764 – Letting Date: FY 2018

I-45 the Gulf Freeway: FM1764 to 61st Street

Once construction along I-45 in northern 加尔维斯顿 County is completed, TXDOT plans to move forward with expanding the southern section of I-45 between 得克萨斯城 and 加尔维斯顿.

Construction will be done in three phases:

  • Section FM1764 to FM519 – Letting Date: FY2019 (est.)
  • Section FM519 to George & Cynthia Mitchell Memorial Causeway – Letting Date: FY2020 (est.)
  • 部分乔治 & Cynthia Mitchell Memorial Causeway to 61st Street – Letting Date: FY2021 (est.)


146To accompany the expansion of I-45 the Gulf Freeway between southern Harris County and the City of 加尔维斯顿, the SH146 corridor between the Port of Houston and 加尔维斯顿 County will be expanded from 2 lanes to 6 lanes.

This massive expansion will greatly increase access between the Port of Houston and southern 加尔维斯顿 County via a limited access highway.

Construction will be done in two phases:

  • Section Red Bluff Road (Houston) to FM518 – Letting Date: FY2018 (est.)
    • New express bridge over Clear Lake
    • Widening of existing Kemah Bridge over Clear Lake
  • Section FM518 to FM517 – Letting Date: FY2022 (est.)

Other Transportation Projects

Texas Department of TransportationThere are numerous other road infrastructures also planned for 加尔维斯顿 County to meet the demand of our growing population and economic growth.

Planned projects include expansions of Highway 3, SH87 (Bolivar Peninsula), FM646, FM517